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APBA offers masterclasses with a unique style by a master on a specific subject for collaborative learning and social change for beginners or seasoned pros.

NOTE "Suitable for Restaurant owner, Food and Beverage career (F&B), Bartender, Hospitality career"

Course Code Course Length Course Fee Available Languages Participant Capacity
OCCBOR01 14.00-17.00 (3 hours) 7,500 Baht 1. English Minimum 12
Maximum 25
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Bordeaux Wine Class

Bordeaux Wine Class

Small wonder that Bordeaux, with a history of stellar wine production dating back to Roman times, is considered by critics and connoisseurs alike as the most famous wine region in the world.

That said with its significant size both in land area and number of producers along with numerous regulations and classifications it can be confusing to even experienced wine professionals.

The Bordeaux course is designed to guide you through this seemingly complex region and its rise to the pinnacle of fame among wine collectors and consumers. You will learn the major producing areas, taste a selection of wines from major producers, know the types of grapes and style of winemaking in each area and grasp the meaning and importance of information on the labels of various chateaux. Perhaps most important you will learn how Bordeaux has influenced and enhanced wine production not only throughout Europe but indeed throughout the world.

Course fee : 7,500 THB | Courses schedule

Session Areas covered
  • What is a Chateau and the misconceptions and reality of the “Chateau” brand
  • The myths and reality of terroir
  • The grapes and their characteristics
  • Vintages and why they matter
  • The principal growing regions and AOCs of the Bordeaux region
  • Red and White, Dry and Sweet
  • History is made: the 1855 Classification of the wines of the Medoc and the subsequent classification systems unraveled
  • Propriety and Commercial Bordeaux
  • Participants will be able to enjoy tasting a range of 8 Bordeaux selected to highlight the characteristic of the most important regions

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