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APBA (ASEAN Professional Beverage Academy)

The ASEAN Professional Beverage Academy was founded in Bangkok, Thailand in association with international accrediting agencies such as The Wine and Spirits Education Trust. APBA is an education provider for hospitality professionals and amateurs.

Whether an international certificate, a preparation for the next step or a personal fulfilment, APBA connects people to distinctive learning experiences.

APBA (ASEAN Professional Beverage Academy)

APBA will promote and support its graduates through an ongoing consulting program for job placement, personal enrichment and social interaction through exciting activities related to their shared interest.

Since the curriculum of APBA is modular in nature it will allow part or full time participation for working professionals or for those who wish to pursue a full course of programs. Individual needs and aspirations can be accommodated.

With a strong international branding APBA is positioned to be the premier institute for beverage studies as well as the launching pad for a wide variety of careers with the food, beverage, hospitality or associated disciplines.

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